Driving Force Enterprises Presents,

the Driving Force Accelerator Group.


Jeff Hoffman and Christopher Cumby have joined forces to bring entrepreneurs and business people the very best information and insight to help them scale their businesses and generate strong sales and revenue growth.

In this virtual community, both Jeff and Chris will host 2 monthly calls. These calls will be scheduled and recorded and you will have access to them inside the member portal and private community.

The first call is designed to bring you relevant content and information that you can apply in your business, personal, and daily activities to help you grow your company. The second call is designed to provide you a forum for your questions to be answered through a group Q&A setting.

The program is on-going and the team will also bring content matter experts to cover areas like Marketing, Social Media, Sales, and Branding just to name a few.



  • Experienced – Everyone we are associated with brings real-world experience to the table. We’re doers, not theorists. This wealth of knowledge offers us a unique perspective into the strategies that work and those that don’t. We will share the most effective ones with you.


  • We have the expertise in a wide range of industries – We have worked with clients in industries including consumer products, software, professional services, energy, technology, sustainability, retail, and many others. We’ve distilled what works and we can provide an invaluable perspective regardless of the current stage of your team's personal, sales, and business development.


  • We focus on helping you strengthen relationships with stakeholders, partners, and customers, old and new – We understand running a successful business is all about relationships. Certain “key relationships and networks,” are the most important when building something as big as your opportunity. We’ll help your team maintain relations with those key accounts and expand them long into the future. We don’t neglect the crucial importance of leaving new relationships with a good impression, so our strategies and principles cover all the bases.


Jeff Hoffman & Christopher Cumby


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