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Sometimes we don't get enough exposure to new ideas, new perspective, new people, or new mentors. It becomes a lonely place for entrepreneurial minded people that dream bigger than most and work harder than most. 

Driving Force Mastermind is run by award-winning entrepreneur and CEO Jeff Hoffman, who will share the tools and techniques he has spent decades perfecting while building multiple global, multi-billion dollar companies.


Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman is a successful entrepreneur, proven CEO, worldwide motivational speaker, bestselling author, Hollywood film producer, a producer of a Grammy winning jazz album, and executive producer of an Emmy Award winning television show.

In his career, he has been the founder of multiple startups, he has been the CEO of both public and private companies, and he has served as a senior executive in many capacities. Jeff has been part of a number of well-known successful startups, including, and more.

Jeff was featured in:

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Christopher Cumby

Christopher Cumby, a nationally recognized business executive known especially for his 25 years experience in top-line revenue generation and sales execution to maximize growth.

Christopher, the "Kick A$$ Sales Guy" is a Business Coach and Sales Consultant that works with organizations and individuals wanting to rise to the top of their game in their revenue, sales, and with their corporate and personal development. Christopher has mastered the gamification of money making in sales and revenue. Christopher is a Motivational Speaker and Published Author, "The Success Playbook."

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When we hit a min. of 8 we will set the date!


We will be working with you over a 2 day period. We are excited to offer this value-packed program for leaders who seek to strengthen their core skillset, drive their business to explosive growth, and be part of a hand-selected group of dynamic individuals who will become a powerful resource for each other as members of this Mastermind private group.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

In the Mastermind session, Jeff and his team will examine your individual business personally, and will lead you through a series of workshops and whiteboard sessions focused on the following areas:

  • Talent attraction, motivation, compensation, and retention
  • Leadership skills for you for tomorrow’s workforce
  • Brand shaping to turbo charge your brand
  • Identifying your company’s “gold medal” product or service
  • Creating “concentric circles” of marketing for your business
  • Developing true “customer personas” to focus your marketing
  • Employing the “second slide” method for exponential sales growth
  • Creating a “corporate vocabulary” and refining your messaging
  • Additional topics will be added based on your specific needs

Mastermind participants will take turns focusing on each member’s specific needs and issues, giving each member access to incredible brainpower. The Mastermind group will be there to share and help each other grow and succeed.

You can expect a significant return on your time and investment in this Mastermind.

To ensure your intimate and focused experience, registration for each Mastermind will be limited to the first 16 approved applicants to register for each mastermind event.

Platinum Member

The Platinum Member package is designed for those looking to take advantage of more access and time with Jeff and Christopher outside of the two-day Mastermind event held in Orlando, Florida and includes the following details:


  • Two Spots for the Private Mastermind Event
  • Online Access to our Private Network for on-going consultation
  • Quarterly Meet-Ups (both in-person and online)
  • Access to the Platinum Member Inner Circle leadership group
  • Mobile Based Private Community
  • One-Day Deep Dive Visit by Jeff to your Company plus a Private Dinner
  • Video Testimonial Filmed at the Event for your marketing use

Gold Member

The Gold Member package is designed to take advantage of the Two-Day Mastermind event held in Orlando, Florida with Jeff and Christopher, and includes the following details: (upgrade opportunities will be available, inquire with the team if you have any questions)



  • Two Spots for the Private Mastermind Event
  • Online Access to our Private Network for on-going consultation
  • Access to the Gold Member Inner Circle leadership group
  • Mobile Based Private Community
  • Video Testimonial Filmed at the Event for your marketing use

On-Boarding into the Inner-Circle Exclusive Network! (This is how we communicate quickly and help you make decisions faster)

You will be on-boarded into the Mobile App community where you can easily access the network anytime and anywhere. We have leveraged WorkPlace to create a safe & secure environment to collaborate with the members to help build your business smarter. 


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Access the virtual meetings from the comfort of your office.

You have lots of things to do and having access to information quickly and efficiently to help us make decisions faster and get results is exactly what this member group is designed to do. 

This is a work environment and although we will have great social interaction, the focus will be on building and scaling your business. 

Virtual Kick-Off Meeting Will be announced once our membership is full. 

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Mastermind Meet-Ups

The members all have experience, knowledge, and connections to help you grow your business and we will meet in exclusive locations for two-day work shops.

These are hands-on working sessions and we will be providing information that is designed to help you increase your revenue, scale your business and build a strong network of people that support your endeavours. 

These meet-ups will be Broadcasted LIVE (when necessary) and recordings from the event will be available in our Network Video Vault. 

Our 2-Day Mastermind Groups Are Held In Orlando, Florida.

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Testimonial Video to support your marketing efforts.

Our team will be creating a testimonial for you at our meet-up. This is a powerful tool to assist with building strong credibility for your own audience. 

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Bonus Two

Consulting & Coaching

Direct access to Jeff:

15 to 30 minute “appointments” (one-on-one consults) based on schedule availability throughout the one-year membership for Platinum members. Our team will create “office hours” on a designated day per month.

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Our Exclusive Driving Force Tool Kit

Don’t waste a single second trying to figure out what tools you need to have to execute a lucrative sales & marketing strategy. We make it easy giving you an entire list of tools we use to launch multiple seven figure businesses… Even better, we bought all the tools so we can help you create a strong digital presence. 

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